Our Issues:

Advocacy: Civil Rights


Forward LATINO will always defend the voting rights, civil rights & human dignity of each person!

Advocacy: Driver Licenses


The facts are clear, from safer roads, to economic growth, to lower insurance rates, driver permits are good for our country.  For these reasons, Forward Latino advocates for legislation that allows immigrants to receive driver licenses!

Advocacy: Education & Instate Tuition


Every child deserves an equal opportunity to realize the American Dream, and that is why Forward Latino will continue to advocate for improvements in our education system and advocate for affordable access to higher education institutions and trade schools for all!

Advocacy: Immigration, DACA & Family Detention


Forward Latino advocates for our DREAMers, immigrants and asylum seekers and for immigration reform that defends the human dignity of all, while fighting hateful, anti-immigrant legistration and policies, family separation and detainment.

Gun Violence Prevention & 80% Coalition


Following the tragedies in Gilroy, CA and El Paso, TX, Forward Latino began to build a coalition of advocacy, business, faith, health care organizations to urge passage of common sense gun violence prevention legislation, known as the 80% Coalition.

Our Programs:

Youth Leadership Development


Forward LATINO provides high school level programming to develop leadership skills, promote a sense of pride in self & culture, encourage academic excellence and community service.

Youth Public Service Day


Annually Forward LATINO organizes events that take students to meet with local government officials to learn about careers in public service.

Youth Multi-Cultural Awareness


As the demographics of our nation continue to shift, Forward LATINO provides multi-cultural awareness events to promote friendship and understanding among all.

Civic Engagement: Census 2020


The results of the 2020 U.S. Census will determine how many representatives each state receives as well as how $650,000,000,000 are allocated between cities, counties and states.  Forward LATINO will work to ensure every member of our community is counted insuring funding for better schools, roads, health care and economic investment.  Click here to see the response rate in your area and then signup with Forward LATINO to learn how you can help ensure our community gets counted!

Civic Engagement: Hispanic Vote


In 2020, the Hispanic electorate will be the largest minority voting block in the nation with over 32,000,000 eligible voters.  Forward LATINO is educating and organizing to make sure every eligible voter goes to the polls!

Read "An Early Look at the 2020 Electorate" by

Pew Research Center