We Are Gilroy! We Are El Paso! We are dayton!



White Supremacist murders 4, injures 12 in Gilroy, TX on July 28, 2019.



White Surpremacist murders 20, injures 23 in El Paso, TX on August 3, 2019



Individual murders 9, injures 26 in Dayton, OH on August 4, 2019

call talking points:

1. Provide Your Name and Address

Members of Congress listen to their constituents, so make sure to start the call by identifying yourself and providing your address.

2. Demand they Issue a Statement Condemning Hate Speech & White Surpremacy

The President continues to use hateful rhetoric that is mis-leading and inflammatory not only further dividing our country, but leading individuals with extremist views to act.  On numerous occassions, his name has actually been said by the perpetrators during their assaults.  The tragedies in Gilroy, California and El Paso, Texas are just the latest tragic examples.   In both Gilroy and El Paso, the murderers targeted, killed and wounded Hispanic Americans.  The President has also refused to condemn white supremacy, and in fact said following the tragedy in Charlottesville, that some were "very fine people."  He then defended this statement multiple times.   This is not acceptable.  Insighting violence between Americans and defending white supremacy are not consistant with our nation's principles.  You must issue a statement codemning hate speech and white supremacy!

3. Demand Responsible Firearm Reform

The facts are clear, the overwhelming majority both Republicans and Democrats alike agree that commonsense gun reform is needed so that individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others cannot gain access to firearms.  From our schools to our streets, mass shootings have become and epidemic.  Gilroy was the 249th mass shooting in the United States this year.  El Paso is the 250th and Dayton the 251st.  We must do better!  Pass firearm reform!

CAll now!

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 Following the 249th, 250th and 251st mass shooting events of 2019 in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, respectively, and knowing that the gunmen in California and Texas drove to those locations with the premeditated intention of murdering Hispanic Americans, and given the increase in hate crimes since the current administration took office, and due to the  inflammatory and deliberately misleading remarks made by this administration that have only served to divide our nation and promote division not inclusion, I respectfully ask that you, as a member of the United States Congress issue a statement condemning hate speech and white supremacy and work earnestly to pass and implement legislation that will prohibit individuals who pose a danger to themselves and others from purchasing firearms.